General information:

  1. What are the main objectives of your website?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What is the primary message you wish to convey to your audience with this site?

Getting people to your website:

  1. What are your expections for how most people will arrive at your website:
    1. Most people will come to the website after searching for my name or my company name (most people visiting my website already know who I am and are looking for information about me)
    2. Most people will be driven to my website after searching for my service or product on Google or another search engine (I'm counting on search engines and online advertising to drive people to my website)
    3. An equal mixture of both of the above
    4. Other (please explain)
  2. Where will your visitors come from?
    1. Local (within 200 miles of my organization)
    2. Regional
    3. National
    4. International


  1. Use adjectives to describe how you want your site to be perceived by clients. (Examples: clean, sharp, colorful, artistic, conservative, progressive, friendly, formal, technical, casual, edgy, professional, etc)
  2. How is your company currently perceived? Do you wish to carry through the same kind of message through your website?
  3. What web sites do you find compelling?
  4. What do you find the most interesting about these sites?


  1. Do you have specific colors or a color scheme you want to use? If so, please describe.
  2. Do you have any visual elements or styles that can be utilized from existing marketing materials or collateral? If so, please include.
  3. Do you have any existing photographs or graphics that you wish to include in your web site? If so, please include.
  4. If we are providing the graphics, what style would you like them to be in: photography, illustration, cartoon, etc?


  1. Please include the type of content you would like to include on your website. Generally, information about you and/or your company, contact information, service/product descriptions, events, calendar and any other info about your organization, services and products.
  2. Content Maintenance. Please select the number that best represents your need for content maintenance:
    1. My organization's content is fairly stable, does not change significantly over time, and requires minimal maintenance
    2. We need the ability to maintain most of our text and images
    3. We need the ability to maintain all of our content including the ability to add new pages, change menus and add functionality. We have experience with technology and we're willing to learn how to do this.


  1. Do you need to collect information on your website? (Examples: Names and Emails for a newsletter, Membership Forms, Guest Book?)
  2. Will you be accepting credit card info for any purpose? (Examples: Membership, Donations, Purchases)
  3. Do you have audio, video or a portfolio that you want to display?
  4. Do you want to provide a calendar?
  5. Do you plan to include feeds from Twitter or other websites?
  6. Do you want to include a slideshow or animation on your homepage or within the website?
  7. Do you have a database that needs to be integrated with the website?
  8. Do you want a blog?
  9. Please list any other special functionality.

Commerce sites: ( This is only for e-commerce websites)

  1. How many products do you plan to sell on your web site? Will the products change often?
  2. Do your products have any variations? If so, do they apply to all the products? Does each product have different variations? List variations.
  3. What is your shipping model (flat rate, by total dollar amount, by piece)?
  4. Will you be charging sales tax? If so, which state(s) will be charged? What percentage?
  5. Are there any special pricing rules we need to know about (Example 12 of our products and receive a 10% discount)?
  6. Which forms of payment do you accept?
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